About Me

This page is destined to be cringey to write for...

comfy is my place to put my thoughts, my blog, and from time to time some random things. it's one of my only places where i actually express who i am.
neocities presence established Oct 12, 2018

General Info: Bi dude. Location: Alabama, USA. Plays Trombone.

Zodiac Sign: Taurus. It's actually crazy how much I see my birthday in my life. I see the numbers of it alot. What is the universe trying to tell me?

Music Taste: I'll go in order from dead to not dead. Buddy Holly. Ritchie Valens. Little Richard. Johnny Cash. The Beatles. The Rolling Stones. The Beach Boys. The Kinks. Chuck Berry. Wings. Elton John. Eagles. Steve Miller Band. Weezer. This isn't all that I listen to, but it's the main ones.

Favorite Passtimes: Reading a book. Going online. Watching YouTube videos. Working on le website. Discord.