2020 blog lmao
Created 12/29/19


ya know... the funniest thing happened today
i had feelings for a girl for the longest time, since the beginning of school even.
but then today, nothing. no feelings at all.
but she is already seeing someone else, in the next town over
i dont't thinks she is all that interested in me, either (we are friends rn, see eachother everyday)
this is a weird feeling. just yesterday i was thinking about asking her out.
what do i do? should i ask her if she would go out with me if i asked?
(i showed her this site once, hopefully she forgot about it and doesn't see this lol)


i got my hair tinted blue its so cooooooooooooooooool!


mood: bored, kinda sad
i actually wanted to go to school today, but my mom convinced me that i should stay home "to see our family"
family time turned out to be helping my uncle put a tarp on my grandpa's boat.
thats fine though, as i got to chill most of the day.
I've thinkin of ways to get moneymoneymoney.
since you know, im a jobless teenager. but maybe soon that will change?
been discussing with a friend about a 'business venture', and i'm thinking about my own ways of making moola
(my idea is to sell shit on craigslist, not a very good idea but who knows?)
lets see where this takes me
i ventured into the world of (real) PC gaming with the making of a steam account!
Rivals of Aether is the first game i bought. its cool.


my grandad has been introduced to smartphones at the age of 85
im basically his teacher.
been trying to download the linux mint mate iso all day but our internet sucks.
better day? i guess
Hello web diary.
We have our good days and our bad ones.
For me, today was a bad one.
but hey, new smashbros reveal so.


I got a usb stick to become a linux hacker
also a smartwatch
thats it


My mom forgot to set her alarm clock, so she didn't wake me up
(she wakes me, thats our system)
so i didn't go to school
today is a nothing day


its the rawring twenties,
i've been looking in my dead desktop, gonna buy new processor w/ fan when i have the funds.
got some christmas money, but not enough for a good one, not really worth spending
plus there is a chance i may fuck it up and waste atleast 100 hundred dollars.
i've never really done that kind of thing before. same with installing a new os.
im tech baby.


got lots of shit for christmas
my grandma died and we went to her funeral.
kinda to want to moar shit on neocities again
i've taken a small 'break', but i'm back.
I created my 2020 blog today for s0me d4mn reason
new format! new blog entries will be at the top (instead of the the bottom)
since creating my blog, i have realized this is the best way
still reading It